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Shipping Rules and Policies 

Golden Grain Bakery believes in every product we offer and strives to deliver our products in the best possible condition on the requested delivery date and time.

In normal circumstances, Golden Grain Bakery guarantees the time window of delivery, and all deliveries will be effected between 6am and 12pm. If you are placing an order for a time-sensitive event, we recommend placing your order early and scheduling it to arrive a little earlier before your event. A majority of our products can be frozen or refrigerated upon arrival to preserve freshness. In some instances, due to weather, high order volume (especially during holidays) or other uncontrollable events, we may have our products delivered earlier than requested, to ensure that they arrive in good condition.

Golden Grain Bakery does not require a signature for the delivery of most of its packages. Our driver will leave the order on your doorstep, and will take a snapshot of the package for both our records and yours. Golden Grain Bakery is not responsible for the fate of the package, once it has been delivered.

Golden Grain Bakery is not responsible for delays in transit caused by address modification, inaccurate, incomplete shipping information, or any other unforeseen events (inclement weather, road accidents), or situations beyond our control (roadworks, strikes, fires, flooding, or mechanical error.)

When not delivered by our van, all packages are shipped via UPS or FedEx, and therefore we cannot ship to P.O. Box addresses. Golden Grain Bakery is not liable for delays incurred by these carriers.